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Industrial Doors

We professionaly install, repair and replace most types of Industrial doors.

Commercial Doors

We fit and repair many types of commercial doors. Contact us for a quote.

Garage Doors

Our experienced technicians can install or repair your new or existing garage doors.

Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are the ideal solution for homes where space on the driveway or back lane is at a premium or where the entrance into the garage is narrow. The door curtain rolls up around a drum, with no out swing or arc of travel as it opens and closes, allowing you to park right up to the door. There's no need for a timber frame and, as the door is installed behind the brickwork opening, it's ideal for arched garages. Available in double skin insulation filled aluminium or in durable single skin steel versions.

Insulated Aluminium Roller Garage Doors



With remote control as standard, these doors offer effortless luxury. Aluminium slats are corrosion resistant and feature high grade colour coatings or woodgrain effect laminates. Styling is crisp, with clean lines creating a modern look.


Single Skin Roller Garage Doors

The broad rib design looks great on any home. Whilst the steel door curtain is extremely strong and durable, spring assisted opening makes these doors light and easy to operate. Twin locking rods provide good security and the wipe clean finishes look good for years. Adding remote control operation is easy and reliable, just press to open!

The curtain rolls neatly up behind your garage lintel so there are no tracks protruding inside your garage providing additional space and “park right up” convenience.